Outdoor sinks are convenient and useful, and are now becoming even more popular than before. Here are some of the reasons why;


The primary reason why outdoor sinks are so popular is because they give the outdoor event organizers the chance to offer better sanitary services to the people that attend these events. This is true especially where food is involved; people have to wash their hands to ensure safe eating. While hand sanitizers and other options are much easier, hand washing is safer and often acts as the first line of defence. Even at playgrounds or in farmers’ markets, always look for a portable hand wash station.

Legal requirements

When inspectors come to visit a public event to ascertain whether the people coming will be treated to a safe event, one of the things they look at is the number of hand washing stations. This is compared to such parameters as the number of toilets available or the number of people that will be attending. The rationale is that while not everyone will use these stations, they must be available should one choose to want to use them. There are legal requirements when matching portable sinks to the number of toilets. Some jurisdictions require one station for every five toilets, some even more.


Apart from the typical use, the design of every portable hand wash station offers the kind of convenience that event organizers normally dream of. Many of them have stations for both hot and cold water, the dream of caterers as they look to offer different types of beverages. The way some of these sinks are designed, they can be converted easily into food and service stations when outdoors. They also have soap and paper towel dispensers, offering everything the event might need in terms of sanitation, just like users would have got had they attended an indoor event.


Plenty of companies now offer these sinks at affordable prices, and buying or renting one is like building a sink at every other outdoor event you will organize. This is extremely cost effective for the event organizer. You do not have to only buy a sink you will use once.

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