Non-Electric Sinks

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No electricity? No plumbing? No problem – as long as you have one of our portable outdoor sinks! Our high-quality products will help you enjoy the great outdoors with a convenient water source for everyone.

Reap the Rewards of Our Portable Outdoor Sink Stations
At Monsam Enterprises, we know that camping and other outdoor activities can be messy. That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide simple solutions to stay clean and hygienic during your next outdoor adventure.
The Benefits of Outdoor Washing Stations
When you choose a portable sink, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Water Conservation
Maintain a Neat Environment
Easy Mobility
Self-Contained Unit
Easy Installation

Explore Our Outdoor Sink Station: No Plumbing Necessary
Our outdoor hand washing stations offer the comfort and convenience you need. You will enjoy running water without needing any power outlets or plumbing! Our 100% portable, non-electric sinks will significantly enhance your next outdoor adventure.
Easy-to-Use Outdoor Sink Station – No Plumbing
This offering from Monsam Enterprises is a cost-effective, foot-pump-operated portable sink. The easy foot pump operation of this non-electric, self-contained hand washing station will conserve water.

Are you traveling with young children? Then you need the PSE-2008, the perfect model for this purpose. It stands at a convenient height of 25 inches and operates by a simple hand pump. There’s no need for electricity, and it offers children a simple method to keep clean.
A Wide Range of Non-Electric, Portable Outdoor Sink Stations
You no longer have to worry about searching for power outlets. The PSE-2006B is another excellent camping hand washing station. This option comes with a long-lasting battery with its charger. Its aluminum frame provides a solid and convenient solution for your next messy camping adventure!

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Outdoor Washing Stations: Enjoy Our No-Plumbing Sinks
Monsam Enterprises provides non-electric portable outdoor sink stations. Browse our catalog of hand washing units and select your favorites:

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