No Electricity? No Plumbing? No Problem!
Camping can be messy. Here at Monsam we’ve made it our business to provide simple solutions to staying clean and hygienic on your next outdoor adventure.

These outdoor hand washing stations provide you with the comfort of running water without the need for electricity, power outlets, or plumbing! Our 100% Portable, Non-Electric Sinks are sure to enhance your next outdoor experience.

The affordable foot-pump operated PSF-101 is one of MONSAM’s most popular models. The easy foot pump operation of this portable hand washing sink conserves water.

If you are travelling with young children, then the PSE-2008 may be perfect for you. Standing at a convenient 25 inches and operating through a unique and simple hand pump, it eliminates the need for electricity and provides children with a simple way to keep clean.

Finally, if you want the ease of power but don’t have any outlets, then look no further than the PSE-2006B camping hand washing station. Not only does this outdoor wash station come equipped with a long-lasting battery and its own charger but its compact aluminum frame design makes it a sturdy and convenient solution to your next messy camping adventure!

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