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Purchase High-Quality Sinks for Portable Science Labs

Portable science labs are a staple in many school environments. They represent a convenient, self-contained method to get flowing water in class labs. Monsam Enterprises offers diverse portable sinks suitable for your educational institution.

Learn More About Our Portable Science Lab Stations

Science labs are one of those places where you most certainly need free-flowing water. Even budding young scientists know that where experiments are conducted, there will undoubtedly be equipment to rinse and hands to be washed.

Our Portable Science Lab Stations

At Monsam Enterprises, we offer a wide range of portable science lab workstations to suit all your science needs. Our mobile science labs and hand-washing stations for schools come complete with a fold-down table. This structure allows you to roll the mobile science labs through a standard single door allowing easy sharing with multiple classes. The best part is that despite its portability, the station is still wide enough to allow students and teachers to use it as a group.

ADA Accessible Portable Hand-Washing Stations for Schools

We understand that classes must accommodate students of varying abilities. Therefore, we also offer an ADA Accessible Portable Science Lab designed to accommodate a wheelchair. So no one is left behind!

High-Quality Mobile Science Lab Sinks

Our mobile science lab workstations help you avoid plumbing and construction costs. But don’t be a MAD scientist, be a GLAD scientist! Choose our portable science lab sinks.

The Benefits of Portable Hand-Washing Stations for Schools

Some of the advantages of our portable science lab sinks include the following:

  • Convenient water access
  • Safety features
  • Easy interaction with materials
  • Collaborative workspace for teachers and students.

Shop Our Mobile Science Lab Sinks

Your portable science labs deserve the best mobile sinks. Explore our catalog of sinks and select your favorites for your institution:


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