Proper hand washing is mandatory for a person in order to maintain optimum health and wellness and to prevent coming into contact with common pathogens. This fact gains even more prominence in public places such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools and even outdoor locations where large gatherings are being organized. And if you are playing host to such events or are managing any public access facility, it is your responsibility and moral duty to promote a healthy lifestyle by providing people with easy access to self-contained portable sinks.

Self-contained portable sinks, as the name suggests are mobile washing stations that have their own water supply and storage apparatus, meaning they do not need to be hooked up with the current plumbing system of the place. These sinks come with a built-in water heating system as well, so that users get access to hot water for washing purposes at all times – an added advantage from the germ-killing and hygiene maintenance point of view. Plus they are designed for ease-of-use, which means that each of these sinks will have adequate space counter space for keeping soaps and cleaning products as well as for storing towels, napkins and other necessities. In short, they provide highly reliable and convenient hygiene facilities, wherever you might need them.

The best part about self-contained sinks is their portability and ease of installation. You can move them around as much as you want, in accordance with the kind of public traffic that you are expecting to see. Planning a parent-teacher day at your school? Install self-contained portable sinks in the cafeteria to handle the additional load of visitors looking to wash hands. Planning on hosting a party? Get these portable sinks set up at different places across your venue to give people easy access to hygiene facilities. All you need to do is plug them into your electrical system – no extra plumbing required!

This is your chance to contribute towards prevent communicable diseases and related health issues. Confused people moving about your place with greasy, sweaty palms, looking for a place to wash – THAT is a scene you can easily avoid with self-contained portable sinks! Buy yours today.

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