Personal hygiene is one of the most important lessons that you will have to teach children, whether you’re a parent in a home environment or a teacher at school. After all, this is a lesson that will carry on well into their adulthood, forming good habits that will help keep them prim and healthy.

However, anyone who deals with children knows that it can be tough getting them to stay clean. This is where one of our portable hand wash basins that are especially designed for children can come in handy.


One of the major reasons why our portable hand wash basin can make hygiene promotion easier for kids is simply because you can get a model that’s just about the right height for them. Kids may not say it but washing can become a hassle when they have to look for a stool or step on their tipsy toes just to get it done.

Just the right portable basin can make this extra convenient for the kids. Sine it’s right there, kids really don’t have much of an excuse not to make the small bit of effort that it requires to get their hands and face clean.


Because a right-sized portable hand wash basin makes it so much easier for children to wash their hands, as well as perform other basic hygiene practices, they’re far more likely to do it on a regular basis. While this repetition may seem tedious at first, it is just this very thing that can transform it all into a habit that can last a lifetime.

After all, it supposedly takes 21 days of doing something every day to make a habit. And while experts may not agree on the length of time it requires, it is generally accepted that just regularly doing something sort-of burns it into the kids’ system, making them do it almost by reflex.


Finally, our portable hand wash basin simply makes learning about hygiene really fun. Contraptions are interesting curiosities for little kids and showing them just how it works, perhaps even asking for assistance to help refill or clean it, can make them more inclined to literally get their hands wet. You might even ask them to decorate it with their choice of mirrors or artwork. If you like, you can even customize it to make it daily washing a novel experience. We encourage you to get creative with our portable hand wash basin to help teaching children how to keep clean!