Washing up outdoors or in a campsite can be a challenging proposition, especially without the proper pieces of equipment to supply you with clean, running water. Exploring the outdoors for days at a time requires proper ways to stay clean and hygienic. Fortunately, there are many different types of portable camping wash stand units and products that help outdoor enthusiasts make sure that they can have constant access to clean, running water, without the hassle of complex plumbing and/or having to seek out power outlets or electricity sources.

Much like a daycare portable sink, a portable camping sink can be an extremely beneficial clean water source for outdoor use. Camping sinks come in a wide range of designs and configurations, including those that are foot pump operated and units that also work as drinking fountains. Others still work with a hand pump instead of a foot pump. Battery powered sinks also make excellent portable sinks for camping as they don’t require separate power sources to work.

If you are wild camping or visiting a campsite without complete facilities or have very limited wash-up stations, having a portable camping sink is one way to make sure that you can easily perform clean-up tasks and maintain good hygiene even when out in the wild. While there are all kinds of portable washing bowls that you can buy online along with collapsing buckets and folding bowls that you can find in the market, they don’t work quite as well as portable sinks that feature their own water source and gray water drains/storage spaces for a convenient wash-up assembly. A typical portable camping sink features a clean water reservoir, which supplies clean water for washing and sometimes even for drinking, along with a washbasin, which is connected to a drain and gray water receptacle so dirty water can be stored and disposed properly.