Self-contained portable sink units give you the benefit of a fully functional wash area in areas where a built-in unit is not available nor feasible. Aside from a simple faucet-sink configuration, a number of other features can be added to a portable sink unit to extend its use and functionality.

The main benefit of a portable sink is its mobility and ability to be used on virtually any flat floor surface. This is a great convenience for outdoor applications or temporary setups in locations where there is no access to a wash area and water supply.

Portable sinks are self-contained; they carry their entire plumbing and waste disposal system within themselves. A portable sink has its own built in water supply tank and waste water reservoir that gives it the advantage of portability and allows it to be used virtually anywhere, without the need for plumbing access. Each unit can be equipped with an electric pump to draw the water from its clean supply and out through the top faucet for easy use. An optional heater can be fitted to provide hot water supply.

Portable wash basins with water tanks can come in many designs and can be made from a variety of materials to suit a particular function or to match any interior décor. The designs range from basic, single sink setups to full workstation units with multiple sink and faucet configurations. You can even have your portable sink custom designed for special purpose use, such as if you need custom storage, and other special appointments specific to your needs.

Self-contained portable sinks can be used for outdoor or camping use, in child care or hospital facilities, commercial use in salons, barber shops, or parlors for washing hair, food service and catering functions with NFS Certified surfaces for safe use in food service using food grade aluminum material, mobile medical or laboratory use, and much more.

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