PDWS-02: Portable BIG Dog Washing Station With Sprayer


Protects your pump and tubing from both hard water and small particle debris

Makes it easier to open and close the faucet with your foot for a hands-free operation.


Treat your pet to an enjoyable bath inside or outside.

 Whether you are a professional groomer or you need an enjoyable way to give a bath to your pet, Monsam Portable self-contained large dog washing station is specially designed for efficient bathing and grooming.  This unit includes all accessories you need to enjoy your bathing process.

This great model is completely Portable and Self-contained providing hot and cold running water.  NO Plumbing needed. It comes fully assembled and ready to use.  Just plug it in and enjoy a great time with your pet.  It includes a faucet with a sprayer,  storage area,  extended folding shelf as well as casters with brakes for easy mobility.

Perfect for home use, campsites, pet stores, mobile grooming, and much more.

Shipping Weight: 315lbs



Additional information

Weight 315 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 38 × 80 in


– Contains one 5 gallon tank for freshwater, and one 7 gallon tank for wastewater
– Equipped with an adjustable heater that can be set from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
– Electric Water Pump
– Grate
– Faucet with Sprayer
– 16-gauge 304 stainless steel anti-rust basin with backsplash
– 19″ tall splash panels to prevent water from splashing outside of the dog wash station
– Swivel casters with locking brakes
– Built with a sturdy aluminum bar frame and heavy-duty, plastic panels
– Available in 6 colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, or Maple
– One Year Manufacture Warranty


Stainless Steel basin 50″ x 27.5″ x 20″ Deep
Outside Dimensions: 50” x 28” 31.5” high
Total height 68″ includes backsplash

285 LBS

Dimensions subject to change

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