Hand washing is a habit that must be taught to kids while they are young. By washing their hands, kids can help prevent the spread of disease, germs, and viruses. While hand washing is a valuable lesson that is best taught and practiced at home, it should be maintained consistently in every environment where kids spend most of their time in, like in school. A portable sink for the classroom can help. Also known as a ‘self-contained sink’, it is a hand washing station that is easy to set up in every classroom, and easy to maintain. Each of our portable sinks for schools comes with its own fresh and waste water tanks, which are easy to connect or disconnect. Some units have hot and cold water, too.

The importance of good hygiene can be taught along with the installation of a portable sink for the classroom. Educators can encourage kids to wash their hands when needed, such as before and after eating, when coming after using the toilet, after playing outside, and after caring for pets. By educating kids on good hygiene, they can reduce their risk of contracting diseases. Encouraging them to wash their hands regularly may help them maintain the habit as they grow older, too.

Certain features of Monsam portable sinks can be beneficial in keeping kids disease-free in the classroom. Ideally, portable sinks for schools should be made of high-quality anti-bacterial materials for protection. MONSAM Enterprises can customize the portable sink to better fit your classroom.