Have you ever thought of owning your very own salon? Many hair stylists are opting not to rent a booth in a salon, but choosing use a room in their own homes for a salon instead. Some have even gone the route of become a mobile hair stylist. This has become a very effective, as well as, profitable way for many to be able to own and operate their own businesses.

As you know when you go to a hair stylist for that up lifting new hair style, the first thing you get is a nice relaxing hair washing. Think about this, it may become expensive to actually install a shampoo sink into your home if you are using it as your business workplace. The major fact is that they are not mobile at all, if you need to move from one customer to another. So in order for these hair stylists to be mobile or even have a room in their home they will need to purchase a portable shampoo sink.

No Plumbing Required

Purchasing a portable shampoo sink is the way to go, they allow you to easily wash hair without making a huge mess in your own home or if you are on the move any location that you prefer. They do not hook up to any type of plumbing, so absolutely no installation is needed for its use.

A portable shampoo sink is built just as the ones that you find installed at your favorite salon. They have a very large curved opening that allows your clientele to lean back and relax while you wash their hair comfortably. These portable sinks are very durable, as they are made of hard molded plastic, and they come in a verity of colors and styles, it is up to you.

If you are in the market for one of these portable sinks, there are many possibilities to choose from. Adjustable – that will ensure that they are the perfect height for your clientele, weight as size – for ease in portability, stability – the leg span on the base is five feet to ensure that it does not tip over, as well as many other options. These options include bowl size, as well as depth, bowl material, drain hose, and of course, prices.

Take your time and do some researches on what exactly will fit your needs as well as your budget. You do not want to go into the whole right out of the gate as you are starting your new business