A mobile hand washing station is the ideal way to deter germs if you are a construction worker on a job site. This mobile hand washing station is a great way to enable workers to wash their hands when plumbing is not readily available. With the ability to bring, a mobile hand washing station to your worksite, saves on time as well as, weakens any threat of disease and the spreading of any type of illness from worker to worker. The convenience of having one of these stations readily available is highly regarded as a deterrent from all the harmful bacteria that we face on a daily basis such as MRSA, as well as, other resistant strains of bacteria.

Great for Children

Having a station that children are able to wash their hands outside of one of those portable bathrooms (you know the ones) at a child’s softball game is absolutely a fantastic idea. It helps with the prevention of germ spreading between the children, as well as, the parents. We all know us, as adults, do not like to become sick, if we get sick, we cannot go to work, if we do not go to work, we lose a day’s pay, and who can afford to do that?

Versatility and Mobility

These stations come in many different sizes and shapes and are very easy to transport from place to place. Depending on the size and style that you choose, the prices do vary a bit. They are well worth the cost, if you think about the cost that it will be if you end up sick and out of work. These units are also available in a heated option in order to be used when the temperature is below a freezing level.

They are the perfect solution for many workplaces, such as construction companies that work out in the field day after day with no running water. They are great if you are in the military or for sports teams as well. If you work for any type of industry that has the need to wash harmful chemicals and/or bacteria from your hands these are an ideal product for you.

Many places carry a very large selection of mobile hand washing stations, which include a single, or multiple use sinks heated units as well as sanitizers.