The portable sink is among the most versatile equipment you can set up just about anywhere for any occasion or purpose. Farmers’ markets and food trucks can even benefit from having self-contained sinks to give customers and concessionaires access to facilities that will enable them to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness. So whether you own a food truck or you are participating at a farmers’ market, consider having your own sink that will provide clean flowing water for washing and sanitizing. If you are running an event where such establishments are present, you may want to consider setting up portable sinks for customers to wash their hands, too.

Food trucks can go anywhere—which means they cannot have permanent plumbing. Moreover, not all areas where they can set up will have access to running water. Farmers’ markets are typically outdoor events that will require several portable sink units, as the location may not be viable for plumbing. You can get NSF-certified food truck portable sinks to make sure that they are suitable for food handling and services. As a self-contained unit, the sinks have a tank with clean water and another tank for waste water, so there is no need to do any plumbing. Reputable manufacturers can even customize the sinks to suit your unique requirements, like in a specific color or cabinet design, and with certain features, like two or more sinks, a hot water heater, and a push lever for easy dispensing of water.

Some of the best places to set up a portable sink is near portable toilets and dining areas. Consider placing self-contained sinks strategically in the middle or at the end of each row of sellers in a market setup. That way, everyone can have access to hand-washing stations, which can help prevent the spread of disease and promote good habits to everyone. These sinks may even boost your reputation when they help you show that you care about the health and well-being of your customers and concessionaires.