What not make some green with all of your greens? If you’re a gardener and have more produce on-hand than you are able to handle, why not sell a little of it at your area farmer’s market? Bring over your portable outdoor sink shallowly filled with water and plugged up. As the outdoors or heat makes your produce at the stand begin to wilt, offer them a fast bath inside the sink to crisp them up again! Your stand is going to be the hot spot and well-known as possessing the freshest produce available! Bringing an outdoor sink along with you also is an excellent method of transporting and selling flowers in the market, as well!


Easily fundraise for your cause with an outdoor sink! If your children need to raise money for drama, sports, youth groups, camps, music, camps, etc., hold a fundraiser car wash wherever you would like by utilizing the portable outdoor sink that is filled with soap suds. There isn’t any need to bend over and carry any buckets! If the sink has wheels, it will be easier to hold the car wash fundraiser.

Wash other people’s stuff

However, that isn’t all! If your kids or you need to make more money for a cause or merely to purchase something special, you may earn a buck by washing others’ stuff in the outdoor sink. Charge a nominal fee or take some donations for washing bikes and cars, washing fences and decks, washing dogs, washing yard tools, or washing golf balls for all of those golf enthusiasts you know. What an outstanding way for the kids to work for their money and allowance while additionally learning discipline, money management skills, as well as general job skills- all simply done with an outdoor sink.