Changing a baby’s diapers is never an easy feat; you need access to a stable flat surface, ideally with a sink within arm’s reach to make cleanup a breeze. Why not invest in a portable changing station for baby that also has a built-in sink? It is designed to provide a secure surface where the baby can lie down, plus the convenience of running water. It’s always ideal to have readily accessible water right beside the changing station so that you do not need to go far and leave the baby by himself. The combination of a sink and portable changing station for baby will really provide relief to parents everywhere.

Choose a model with a single stainless-steel basin and a deep changing table so that your baby doesn’t fall in case he accidentally rolls over. It should come with a washable changing pad (about an inch thick).  Some of the best portable sinks for babies can supply hot water in demand. They have quick-connect features and have long faucet handles (ADA compliant). They are easy to move because of rolling casters, which secure the entire thing in place with front locks. The easy-carry handles on the tanks make using them mush easier, too.

You should consider getting a diaper changing station with a polymer surface counter and a stainless-steel sink. You must also check if the portable changing station for baby is made of anti-bacterial materials to protect yourself and your baby against sickness. To add convenience, you can ask for an electric-foot switch so that you can turn the faucet on and off hands-free. This frees up both your hands so you can change diapers quickly and more easily while ensuring hygiene.

You can certainly buy a portable changing station for baby to use at home in the nursery. Child care facilities, schools, hospitals and other establishments also invest in these types of mobile sinks.