Any place that’s frequented by constant traffic requires sanitation facilities to ensure people’s health and wellbeing. School cafeterias and practically everywhere else that food is served are critical areas for hand washing. A portable cafeteria sink is always a good investment for any food service facility as it provides a proper place for users to wash up before they handle or consume food. A three-basin sink is a great choice for school cafeteria kitchens as well as for general use by children taking their recess or lunch breaks as this kind of portable sink provides ample space for multiple uses.

Hand washing is a relatively simple and easy task to do, but even though it is a basic and routine activity everyone must practice, it is still heavily overlooked, especially by children, which puts them at high risk of infection and disease. Viruses and germs can very easily be passed on with simple hand contact and it pays teaching and encouraging school children to keep a healthy hand washing habit in order to prevent disease outbreaks from dirty hands.

A portable three basin sink is an excellent addition to a school cafeteria, as it provides children a visible reminder of the importance of washing their hands before and after they eat. Inside cafeteria kitchens, on the other hand, a three-basin sink offers a practical space saving solution for creating an organized and hygienic work station. In environments where food handling is involved, hygiene is crucial. Having a compartment sink is a great way to separate kitchen tasks, ranging from hand washing to cleaning and preparing raw ingredients to washing tools, utensils, cookware, and dishes. Compartment sinks allow cafeteria workers to expand their workspace and create an organized work area that can likewise help maximize their efficiency in the kitchen.