Toddlers are most susceptible to messy situations that can leave their hands dirty and swarming with germs that can get them sick. This is why it is crucial to instill in them proper handwashing habits at home and in school, and what better way to teach kids the value and ways of proper hygiene than providing them with a kid-size sink that makes these tasks a lot easier for their little hands and short legs?

Toddler portable sink models are specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs and the short height of children. These portable sinks offer the exact same functions as normal-sized sinks, only they are condensed to a size that is appropriate for the height and proportions of little children. Some even come with step stools or platforms so that smaller or shorter kids can properly wash their hands with ease and without getting the floor and themselves wet with sink water.

Toddler sinks are great additions to day care centers, nurseries, outdoor playgrounds, and even children’s bedrooms. In school settings, these portable, self-contained child-size sinks are an absolute necessity, especially when children typically engage in hands-on activities that get their hands dirty or expose them to messy situations. Like “grown-up” sinks, portable toddler sinks typically come with hot and cold water features, only they ensure greater safety so that children could not get burned by scalding temperatures. Child safety systems are important features to look for when you are in the market for toddler sinks. At home, however, portable toddler sinks are great tools for teaching children about personal hygiene as they make brushing teeth and washing hands more enjoyable by providing them with their own personal hygiene station.  Portable toddler sinks are great additions to any daycare, pre-school, or classroom facility as they allow for additional handwashing stations without the need for expensive plumbing work.