At Monsam Enterprises, we don’t think because you are using a mobile hand washing station you shouldn’t have all the comforts of home. To ensure our clients have all the features they need in a portable sink, we have built into our models a range of different options so you can find just the sink and cabinet combination you want.

Hot Water

We know having hot water on demand is important for many locations, including for use in daycares, schools, hospitals and healthcare settings as well as for camping and outdoor events. Going without hot water or having to heat it separately is always a problem, so we have come up with the ideal solution when you don’t have power.

To provide our customers with the hot water they need in just a few seconds, we offer propane powered mobile sinks. These are a sturdy cabinet and sink combination with the propane tank secured with a locking door within the cabinet for additional safety. You don’t have to worry about kids being able to be around the tank, but you also have all the benefits of your own personal water heater where ever you may need it.

Different Power Options

In some cases, you may not have electricity where you need to use your mobile hand washing station, so we provide you with a couple of different options. One is a manual pump option, which includes both a foot and a hand pump design. These are a lower cost option and are very practical for groups and organizations with a lot of outdoor activities on the schedule.

To give you the best of both worlds, we also offer battery-powered options. These come with their own built-in charger and allows you to use the battery and then simply plug the unit in when power is available for a complete recharge. Both environmentally friendly and also durable, these are a great option for all types of uses.

Keep in mind all our mobile hand washing station units are designed to be fitted with hot and cold water options as well as built-in compartments for the storage of used water as well as fresh water. No need to worry about draining and mess, everything is in the cabinet and kept, clean, neat and ready for use.