Handwashing is a basic step to ensure health. In fact, keeping your hands clean is one of the most critical steps to avoiding the spread of germs and preventing yourself from contacting disease. Too many health conditions can be easily spread by neglecting proper and frequent hand washing with soap and running water. Germs can easily get onto your hands by simply touching contaminated objects. When germs get onto the hands and are not cleaned off, they can easily get passed from one person to the next simply by human contact or by repeating the cycle of infecting and touching contaminated objects. Proper handwashing removes germs from your hands and helps the spread of germs and infections. This is why it pays having portable sinks and dedicated wash areas where people can easily get access to clean, running water and anti-bacterial soap so they can remove germs from their contaminated hands.

Portable self-contained hand washing sinks are great investments for any public or private settings. Whether you run a school or manage an office building, investing on a good quality portable sink is a good step towards preventing the spread of germs and disease in your jurisdiction. A portable sink, stationed in a strategic place within your building is useful in promoting good hygiene and helping people get access to clean, running water to keep their hands free from dirt and germs. While disinfecting sanitizers and alcohols may be convenient to carry around and use, nothing is quite like thorough handwashing to clean your hands and prevent the spread of germs.

Encouraging proper handwashing habits and providing people the means to maintain a healthy handwashing routine helps keep communities away from sickness. It reduces the frequency and number of people getting sick from illnesses that are commonly caused by germ transfer and keeps people from suffering a weakened immune system.