Excited about starting your own beauty and salon business? Or maybe you’re just designing a home beauty salon for your personal use? Whether you’re starting a salon business, own a barber shop or thinking of starting a home and health care facility, one of the many important decisions you have to face is getting the right portable shampoo sink. Don’t know what to look for in a salon basin? No worries. Here are three things to help make the selection process easier on you:

  • Figure out what you want and need. What kind of washing station do you need? If you’re the kind of hair stylist who goes to your customers rather than having them come to you, then a portable shampoo sink is more appropriate than a stationary one.
  • Look at different styles of shampoo sinks. There are plenty of models and designs you can choose from so make sure to weigh each one before settling on a choice. So what about a portable sink that already comes with a sprayer? It’s convenient and easy to use. Want your sink to come with a cabinet for storage space? There’s also a model that has a tilt mechanism included. A lot depends on your business. An advanced sink model will give you additional perks that you could take advantage in the future, for instance, if you’ve got plans to open up a salon business. However, a good old fashioned shampoo sink will do if you have your heart set on putting together your very own beauty and spa haven that’s only fit for personal use.
  • Go mobile. Unlike stationary shampoo sinks that don’t allow you much flexibility in the way the space is used, mobile shampoo sinks give you a lot of leeway in terms of space. If the space is a bit tight, you can move the portable shampoo sink around and keep it out of the way when the place is busy and crowded. Then wheel it right into place when it’s needed or when the spa is less crowded and there’s plenty of elbow room to spare.

These are 3 things you should remember before you buy a shampoo sink, whether it’s for your home spa or professional salon. Don’t forget to check out what freebies might be in store for you. Who knows? You could end up with a beauty salon rolling trolley—for free. For more choices, go ahead and explore different sink designs and styles at Monsam until you find exactly what you need.

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