Science Lab Workstations are one of the most effective amenities in helping nurture young scientific minds. By combining portable sinks with classroom-ready workstations, these labs provide a safe and convenient place for budding and talented young scientists to conduct experiments, master chemistry and foster their love for science.

These Science Lab Workstations allow you to bring a fully function science lab, with built in hot and cold running water, wherever you go. Moreover, these units are manufactured out of durable heavy plastics and aluminum, come in many colors and fit easily into through any standard door. To learn more about these portable sinks read below.

Portable Science Lab Sinks are a great option for classrooms that do not have the luxury of built in science work stations. By providing a fully mobile science workstation, these units allow students to carry out more activities, in turn enriching their learning experience. The built in water filtration system is designed so that students have ample running water that can be used for cleaning, experiments and even drinking!

There are some leading manufacturers in the market for high-end science lab portable sinks that meet the needs of both students and teachers. There are different types of portable science labs available including:

  • Monsam’s activity table with portable sink
  • Mobile demo table with self-contained sink
  • ADA accessible portable science lab
  • Portable Science workstation with instructor’s desk
  • Monsam’s portable PSE- 2040 and 2042

They don’t need plumbing and demand minimal maintenance. The can be used both indoor and outdoor- all you need is an electrical outlet. They have easy storage and are highly functional. All in all, science lab workstations are certainly an effective choice to make for all your science needs and experiments.

Best of luck, young scientists!