Portable hand washing sinks inside the classroom encourage and promote healthy habits in children. Whether you run a daycare facility, a pre-school, or even middle and high school science laboratory or art workshop, providing students access to clean water is important to help them keep their hands clean, ensure good hygiene, and prevent germs and disease from spreading. Proper hand washing is one of the healthiest habits that should be taught and enforced at home and in school. However, inbuilt classroom plumbing isn’t always available in typical school settings, which is why portable sinks are such popular classroom tools that you should consider, especially when your classroom is situated quite a distance from the nearest water supply. Here are reasons why investing in portable sinks for classrooms is a worthwhile use of your school’s budget:

  • Children must be taught the value and importance of constant hand washing. There’s no better way to demonstrate this essential habit than providing them with immediate access to clean water within the classroom.
  • With a portable school bathroom sink, teachers won’t have to worry about sending little kids down a long hallway or somewhere far and out of their sight just to clean off their mess. This adds a layer of safety, especially for young students who are prone to spills and other kinds of messes.
  • Portable sinks are also ideal for use in outdoor learning spaces, such as when taking lessons out in the school’s play area or the school garden. Having a mobile classroom sink gives you more freedom to expand children’s learning environments instead of keeping them all day in an enclosed room.
  • There are many different types of portable hand wash stations, specifically designed for classroom use, such as those that provide clean hot and cold-water supply as well as those that come with more advanced features and options, such as portable science labs and workstations.