PSE-2008: Portable Single Basin Hand Pump Sink


Gray is Standard – Upgrade to black or white

Protects your pump and tubing from both hard water and small particle debris

Makes filling your freshwater tank simple and mess free


Single Basin Hand Pump Sink: PSE-2008

If you are traveling with young children, then the PSE-2008 Portable Hand Pump Sink may be perfect for you. Standing at a convenient 30.25 inches, operating through a unique and simple hand pump, and holding its own fresh and waste water tanks, the PSE-2008 child height sink eliminates the need for electricity or plumbing and provides children with a simple way to keep clean.

Moreover, the model comes standard with a deep basin sink, allowing you to wash utensils as easily as you wash hands. At a light 70 pounds, the Hand Sink Pump model delivers mobile plumbing in its truest form!


Designed for hand and utensil washing

– Contains one 5 gallon tank for fresh water, and one 5 gallon tank for waste water
– Provides cold water only
– Hand Pump Faucet
– Swivel casters with locking brakes
– Built with a sturdy aluminum bar frame and heavy-duty, plastic panels
– Available in 6 colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, or Maple
– One Year Manufacture Warranty


Weight: 70 pounds
Cabinet: 25.5″ x 18″ x 30.25” high
Basin: 11.5”x 9.25” x 4” deep

Dimensions subject to change

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