A-112: Water Wagon for Fresh Water Tank


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This portable water wagon for Fresh Water is designed for outside events, food festivals, restaurants and catering company. MONSAM water wagon is designed to provide continuous flow of water to your event to ensure you always have running water on hand. . just move it with you whenever you need.

The portable water wagon can be customized to your needs; it comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Having an extra set of tanks on-hand ensures that you will always have a back-up at your fingertips. Call us with any questions or to order your water wagon today. 1-800-513-8562.

Shipping Weight: 80 lbs


16 Gallon Fresh Water Tank with Wagon
Electric Water Pump
3/8 to 1/2 thread fitting
15 feet tubing
Heavy Duty Casters/Wheels


27″ X 20″ x 47″ high
65 LBS

Dimensions subject to change