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Childcare Portable Sinks

Here at Monsam, we know that children’s exploring, playing, and learning can leave kids messy, and we have made it our duty to provide easy and affordable solutions to help keep those kids clean.

Monsam has developed a popular line of child-friendly portable sinks that are perfectly suited for preschool, kindergarten, and child care centers. Constructed with sturdy solid aluminum and durable heavy-duty antibacterial plastic, these sinks allow you to take hot and cold running water right to where the kids are playing, whether it’s a playground or a classroom.

Moreover, some of our specialty child-friendly portable sink tables offer amazing functionality and added ease to hard-working teachers and staff. Our Activity-Table Portable Sink is low enough for children to sit, play or paint while also providing a sink to wash that pesky paint off before it dries! Our Changing Table allows you to bring a sink and a clean diaper-changing space right to that (poopy!) mess. If you don’t see the daycare changing table perfect for your needs, just let us know! We are portable sink experts and would love to help you with a custom design for your daycare changing stations. Call us today to order and find out more about our daycare changing tables! 1-800-513-8562

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