Handwashing is one of the most important lessons children should learn, and one that they should carry well into adulthood. Simple handwashing can prevent all sorts of diseases and the spread of certain types of illnesses. When children are taught to wash their hands frequently both at home and in school, the value of hand hygiene will not be lost on them even as they grow older.

Hand washing is an essential and lifelong skill—a fact that cannot be stressed enough. However, educating children about the importance of hand hygiene isn’t enough to help them acquire the habit of frequent and proper hand washing. They need to be provided with the right facilities so they can practice what they are being taught. Portable sinks and hand washing units that are designed and adapted for young children with shorter legs and smaller hands are great solutions for instilling hand washing habits to children.

Portable sinks come in all kinds of shapes and designs, including mobile wheeled units and other portable solutions that help create and maintain germ-free school environments. Portable hand washing stations are also perfect places for hanging and posting hand hygiene posters and other information about the importance of hand washing. Investing in portable hand washing stations and sinks is ideal as the ubiquity of these portable units all around our campus will serve as a constant reminder for children to keep their hands clean. This is especially true for schools that support outdoor learning. Additionally, having separate hand washing stations apart from your comfort room facilities help make sure that a functioning sink is always available for anyone who needs a quick or thorough washing. Separate hand washing facilities also help on the general maintenance of any school restroom set-up, especially since these washing stations offer huge capacities before needing maintenance or reservicing. Our portable sinks can also be used as science and art classroom sinks to easily clean up after messy projects.