Students—especially young learners—need to learn how to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of their lives. This not only means washing their hands but also the utensils and even the learning tools they use. One of the most effective ways to teach children how to keep clean is to buy portable sinks for classrooms. These portable classroom sinks for kids are designed for their height and are easily reachable. They are also easy to install because there is no need for plumbing. All portable sinks have internal water tanks and lines for easy use and implementation.

Portable sink with activity table

Do you know that you can now get activity tables with portable sinks? This design is particularly useful for art classes. You can have the children do their arts and crafts on the activity table without fear of making a complete mess. Because there is an integrated sink, it will also be easier for the teacher to clean up after the class, as well as teach the children how to properly clean their art supplies and wash their hands after the activity.

Three-level portable sink

For ultimate flexibility, you can also invest in three-level self-contained sinks, with each module a different height. This allows adults and children alike to use the sink comfortably and without delaying the next person. Get one of these types of portable sinks for classrooms that have a single pump that delivers water to the three hand-washing stations for easy maintenance and for excellent value.

Toddler Portable Sinks

You can also use toddler portable sinks for classrooms to enable the littlest ones to wash their hands on their own. This sink is designed for preschools. Hot and cold running water is dispensed. ADA-friendly portable classroom sinks also provide a solution for kids with physical disabilities.