Hand washing is the best defense against the spread of disease-causing germs and bacteria. This is why it is important to cultivate the habit in children, teaching them proper hand washing techniques that can help keep them away from viruses and infections. Children are especially susceptible to sickness, especially with their immune system still developing. Their close contact with other kids also increases their chances of catching germs and disease in the classroom. This is where portable sinks for classrooms come handy. When a source for clean running water is easily accessible within the classroom, children are encouraged to keep their hand washing habits, helping them stay away from common illnesses that are passed around between kids.

Good hand washing habits are definitely one of the most important habits that children should develop. Investing in portable sinks for classrooms is a good first step toward teaching kids the value of frequent and proper cleaning of their hands. This said, children don’t typically like taking their time when washing their hands, this is why parents and teachers should make it a point to make hand washing (or at least learning how to properly wash their hands) more fun than standing in front of a sink and lathering soap.

A good way to teach children how to take their time in front of portable sinks for classrooms is with the help of fun songs and games. Pre-school age kids learn best when you engage their senses, which is why games, songs, and fun visuals (such as posters on proper hand washing) are great tools for teaching kids proper hand washing. You can teach them hand washing songs, supervise their washing habits, lead by example, and even give them small rewards whenever they remember to wash their hands after play, going to the toilet, or before eating.