Outdoor activities require equipment that are well suited to the rigors of outdoor use. Portable sinks work very well in these scenarios due to their stand-alone capabilities and rugged construction, which is ideal for easy transport and outdoor use.

Portable outdoor sinks work by pumping up fresh water from a built-in reservoir to the faucet via an electric pump. A water heater can be employed to provide a hot water supply (in addition to the directly pumped tap water) should it be required. The sink is designed to collect used water which is disposed of later.

Portable sinks work well in outdoor use because they run off their own water supply tank, removing the need for a local water supply to tap into. They are also built from sturdy, weather resistant materials suitable for outdoor locations. They are light and easily portable which makes it easy for placing in any location with a flat floor surface. As per the requirements, they can be custom designed for any particular functions.

Mobile catering sinks are modular, and so can be put together with other sink or counter units for setting up an outdoor work area with expanded capabilities.

Custom designs for portable sinks are also available for special purpose use, which can allow for additional equipment, multiple sink and faucet configurations, custom storage, and other special appointments for your needs. Specialist providers of portable sink can customize and design your portable sink unit according to your material and style preference.

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