Portable shampoo sinks – are they really necessary? Ask any person who has ever had to wash their hair while being painfully bent over in a sink. Or discuss the matter with a caregiver charged with the task of managing the everyday hygiene needs of a bed-ridden patient. Salon owners, hair stylists, hospital nurses – many professionals from across different segments of society depend on the use of portable shampoo sinks to provide care and service to their clients. Why, you may ask? Because the equipment lets you to access the flexibility and convenience of portable hair wash station is easier. Let’s explore how portable salon wash basins can make life easy and hassle free.

They are portable

These shampoo sinks are made to be mobile – you can drag one around to whichever location you might have use for them. Have a patient under your care who needs a hair wash? Just move your portable shampoo sink to the back of their bed and have the person rest their head carefully on the stand. You can now give their hair a quick and easy wash without anyone facing any discomfort – no mess, no fuss!

They are adjustable

Many portable shampoo sinks come with height adjustment features as well that will definitely help you in providing more convenience to your clients. Consider the situation where a wheelchair-ridden clients walks into your salon. Can your regular shampoo station be used to service them? How amazing would it be if you can simply bring a mobile shampoo sink to them, adjust its height to suit the client’s level and give them a hair wash that is as comfortable as it can get! Talk about professionalism and dedication to client happiness – you will definitely win hearts with this equipment.

They are convenient

Portable shampoo sinks are designed for user convenience. There are all kinds of portable salon wash basins available to choose from – built-in water storage, hot water faucets, side counter for placing products, drawers and trays to store hair styling tools, easy cleaning and maintenance features – you name it! Whatever your needs may be, there will be a portable shampoo sink out there than can function to your specifications.

What more can you ask for! Get one for yourself and enjoy the flexibility that portable shampoo sinks have to offer.

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