A crucial piece of equipment in any salon operation, a portable shampoo sink or bowl makes hair washing a lot easier and more convenient for both your salon crew and your clients. A portable shampoo bowl is a great alternative to more conventional, fixed, or stationary shampoo stations that old-style salons feature. Traditional shampoo areas typically require complex plumbing configurations and restrict the use of a particular space for shampooing, instead of creating a modular space for different kinds of salon tasks. Below are even more benefits of investing in portable shampoo sink units for your business:

  • Portability – Unlike stationary shampoo bowls, portable sinks can easily be lugged around the salon to where they are needed. Fixed shampoo bowls usually have to be hinged or connected to a wall, whereas a portable shampoo bowl can be set up anywhere that a client needs a wash. This means greater comfort for your customers who no longer have to parade a damp turban around your salon to get their hair washed or complete their procedure or treatment.
  • Quick and easy set up – Another benefit of investing in portable sinks is that they are extremely easy to setup and use. These portable units come with easy to follow user manuals and device set up instructions so you can easily complete the set up process .
  • Modular – Also a huge advantage especially for small spaces is the modular nature of portable shampoo sinks. This means great adjustability, depending on your shop layout. Adjustable features also help ensure the comfort and wellbeing of clients so they can have a more pleasant experience in your care.
  • Cost benefits – Another major benefit of investing in portable shampoo bowl units is that they don’t cost as much as fixed shampooing bowls that require complex installation and plumbing work.