Shampoo bowls are indispensable to beauty treatments, regardless of location such as salons or in the privacy of homes. There really is very little by way of choice or improvisation that can match the utilitarian value of a shampoo bowl. Portable shampoo bowls help to complete a thorough hair wash without messing up clothes or rooms where they are installed. The versatility of a shampoo bowl and the manner in which it can help your beauty regimen is spelt out clearly below.

Compact units with hair traps and hose

Shampoo bowls are designed in a manner to offer a thorough cleansing of the hair without affecting clothing. Similarly, other beauty regimens such as the application of a face pack or mask can also be done with confidence using a portable shampoo bowl. The hair traps and hose, in addition to the faucets that dispense hot and cold water make it greatly useful. This does away with the need to make improvisations and adjustments which may turn out to be very messy and frustrating.

Standalone model, does not rely on plumbing

The self-contained unit with fresh water tank and tank for collecting the waste water, does away with the need for plumbing. The highly mobile unit that smoothly travels on casters, can be wheeled into any room smoothly. During the entire process of washing, the surroundings will not get soiled or wet. This is due to the depth of the basin and thesmooth movement of waste water into the tanks. Housed inside cabinets, the self-contained unit makes washing a lot more easier.

Attractive colors and designs to match decors with storage space

The portable shampoo bowls come in attractive colors and designs that match all decors in a manner that is complementary. The thoughtful storage spaces provided in the cabinet help to stow beauty care items safely. This dispenses with the need for storing beauty care items in makeshift locations which may end up being forgotten. Portable shampoo bowls can also be greatly useful when residents call beauticians to their homes for sessions.

A portable shampoo bowl with caster wheels that can be properly locked will be the ideal compact unit for residences. In combination with a chair that has adjustable height, it is possible to replicate the advantages that salons offer. It is pertinent to note that salons rely on portable shampoo bowls to meet hair washing requirements of clients.