A portable, self-contained shampoo bowl is a convenient solution for home-based hairstylists and salon-owners in need of an additional hair washing station or perhaps a mobile sink that they can take and use virtually everywhere. Now that mobile and home-based salons are becoming more commonplace, portable shampoo sinks are also gaining popularity not only as hair styling tools, but also as convenient devices for added flexibility to the service. Portable hair washing sinks or shampoo bowls are also a great idea for nursing homes and elderly care centers and even for caregivers to the physically impaired. As a matter of fact, many portable shampoo sinks come with hot and cold water options, which provide a more comfortable hair washing experience for users.

When you are in the market for a portable hair washing station, it pays knowing what to look for in a good unit to make sure you are investing in something worth your money. Remember that not all portable shampoo sinks are created equal, and some are simply more ideal for your application than others. Some general guidelines you can follow when shopping for portable self-contained shampoo bowl with hot and cold water are as follows:

  1. Choose a unit that comes with a stable base—this means heavy-duty casters that provide both mobility and stability so that your unit won’t tip over during use. Heavy duty casters will keep the shampoo bowl upright even when weight and pressure are applied to its receiving side.
  1. Look for features like adjustability and long drain hose. Height adjustability will allow you to accommodate users of any height and make sure that they feel comfortable while providing your service. A long drain hose, on the other hand, will ensure mobility around your space.
  1. Find a portable shampoo bowl made out of heavy duty and damage and stain-resistant materials, especially when working around hair styling chemicals that can damage and cause discoloration to the bowl over time.

Portable shampoo bowls come in a wide variety of shapes, functions, and sizes. The key to finding the right unit for your application is knowing what you need and the nature of use you expect out of your self-contained shampoo bowl.