Water is an important commodity, and so it is important to have access to it even if you are in an outside environment. If you need water and a way to dispense it, then why not try one of the portable outdoor sinks that are carried by Monsam Enterprises on your next camping trip or other outside venture?

Outdoor portable sinks are fully self-contained and don’t need a source of plumbing. They are small and easy to carry around to your required destination via a small van or a pickup type truck. When you get to your destination, all you have to do is fill up the water tank, plug the tank in to the outdoor hand washing sink and you are ready for nice, clean water.

Outdoor Portable Sinks Easy to Clean, Empty, Refill

If you need to empty the tanks, refill them with fresh water or clean them, these are all simple and quick to accomplish. If you have access to a faucet, you can use an offered flex tube to attach to it to quickly refill the outdoor portable sinks’ water tank. Each tank holds five gallons of water.

If you are, for instance, running a children’s camp, these outdoor portable sinks will provide an easy way for them to wash their hands if you buy or rent one of the several models from Monsam Enterprises. Some models also operate as a water fountain for drinking water. And there is no need for electricity, as you can get a battery operated model or even those that use a foot pump.

Several Models Available For Children, Disabled, etc.

Our outdoor portable sinks come in several models and colors. We are a leader in the sale of these types of sinks and carry models especially for kids, as well as those that comply with the American Disabilities Act, and meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration. Plus, we ship our sinks anywhere in the US or in Canada for our clients’ convenience. We can even make a customized sink for you if you need it.

These outdoor hand washing sinks all have a one-year warranty and you can choose from many different accessories to go along with your new sink. Why worry about plumbing or electricity needs on your next camping trip, daycare outing, church group or family reunion? Rent or buy one of the outdoor portable sinks from Monsam Enterprises by calling us at 800.513.8562 or sending us an email at portablesink.com. View a list of our product by visiting our website www.portablesink.com