Doctors recommend frequent hand washing to prevent the spread of diseases like the common cold and the flu, however, it can be hard to wash hands if you are someplace without running water. If that is a problem you have, then worry no more, as you can get a portable hand washing station rental unit from Monsam Enterprises for your next event, camping trip, family reunion, etc.

You can order a portable hand washing station rental that will make it simple and easy for people to wash their hands because these sinks have their own water supply and don’t require hookup to plumbing facilities. There are also some models that don’t require electricity to work. These are perfect for places like a daycare center, outdoor festival, wedding, etc. If you decide you want one on a permanent basis, we also sell these portable sinks along with renting them.

Portable Hand Washing Station Rental Comes in Different Sizes, Colors, Models

No matter what your needs are, a portable hand washing station rental can be obtained that fits the bill. They come in varying sizes and heights, with some low for children or handicapped individuals and all of them can be easily packed up and taken to your destination. They even have both hot and cold running water and each of their five gallon tanks is enough to wash about 80 people’s hands.

You can get these portable sinks with one, two, three or four sink basins and they come in six different colors. They are built with high standards in mind and even meet commercial standards for people like food vendors, as well as standards for ADA and the FDA. Plus, the heater for hot water is safe, as it is UL approved.

How to Order Portable Hand Washing Stations

If you need one of these portable hand washing station rental units for your upcoming event, you can order them in several different ways. They can be ordered online at our website, by email, by snail mail, by phone (800) 513-8562 or by FAX (925)-757-3681. Our customer service people are standing by to take your order and help you to find the perfect portable sink for your needs.

The bottom line is that it’s a good idea to provide a way for people to wash their hands if you are holding a big event somewhere there is no running water. A great way to do that is by getting a portable hand washing station rental from Monsam Enterprises.