Do you know what the healthiest habit of all time is? It’s washing your hands before and after meals. While washing hands is necessary, an equally important thing is where you are doing it. Since you cannot expect every place to be hygienic, portability comes into the picture. With these factors in mind, let us present the top 10 things to consider when buying a Portable Hand Washing Sink.

  1. The very first consideration is to make a choice depending on the purpose – catering business, classroom, or food truck etc.
  1. Consider the level of portability. You can opt for a wheeled unit if you expect to be moving it often or a simple one if it will stay fixed.
  1. Estimate the height and width required for the portable sink depending on the purpose and the space available. Varieties are available in terms of size.
  1. Consider the number of basins you’ll need, portable sinks come in single, dual or triple basin styles and can often be custom built to accommodate even more!
  1. You need to contemplate the build quality that suits your purpose. If you need more durability, stainless steel would be a better option, or else polycarbonate fibre would be cheaper.
  1. If you looking to have a separate hot water facuet, you’ll need to consider buying a portable sink that has dual storage tanks and taps.
  1. In case you are choosing one with electronic amenities, you should think about power options too. Portable sinks can be driven by electric, gas or solar sources.
  1. The last consideration is the budget. Shop around with the list of requirements to find the best deal.

Use the tips above to get the best portable sink!