Serving food to people is an immensely satisfying job. You get to see the reward of all your hard work and creativity. It feels good when a customer or guests looks your served food with wide, attracted eyes and gives a sigh of contentment when the first bite of your food turned out to be just as tasty as they imagined it. Mobile food businesses like outdoor caterers, delis and food trucks enjoy their own cult following – they let people enjoy mouthwatering food out in the open. But these set-ups also face some unique operational challenges, like not having access to running water for washing and hygiene requirements. This is where a portable hand washing sink can turn out to be a great option.

For the kitchen staff

Mobile or not, a kitchen is a kitchen and there will be situations where the staff using it will require access to clean, running water and counter space for washing utensils and vegetables as well as for cleaning hands and equipment. Hygiene in the cooking space is paramount and a portable hand washing sink can resolve this need every time, no matter which location you set up your kitchen in.

For the serving staff

Handling food service and managing throngs of guests/clients is not an easy affair. It will only take one bump from a passerby for your waiter to spill the drink or drop the plate of food he/she is carrying. No matter what the cause, the situation will require an easy-to-access washing station where your staff can clean themselves up and be ready for service again. A portable hand washing sink can do this job for you.

For the guests/clients

Outdoor catering usually involves finger food and snacks that people have to eat with their hands. Imagine a street-side food truck that serves dishes to be eaten with forks and knives – the equation doesn’t work right? And when you are providing people with food that has to be eaten by hand, you also need to provide them with a way to wash their hands clean before and after eating. Your guests/clients will be very thankful for that portable hand washing sink that you set up for them so they can manage their hand hygiene without going through too much trouble.

For a mobile catering business, a portable hand washing sink is pretty much a staple necessity. Have you bought yours yet?

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