Washing your hands isn’t only important for personal hygiene purposes. It is also crucial for preventing the spread of disease, as simple hand to hand contact can effectively transfer infectious pathogens that can make you and the people around you sick. Makers of portable self-contained sinks know this too well, and providing people with convenient tools to maintain their hygiene is most likely one of their greatest aims and motivations for creating products that work for all kinds of applications.

A portable self-contained sink is a useful feature in events, work sites, campsites, schools, and even medical facilities. In a work site, for instance, a portable sink can help workers—particularly those that perform manual tasks such as in a construction job site—keep themselves and their tools clean while ensuring their health and safety around heavy equipment and construction debris. Portable sinks also serve as first-aid stations during emergencies such as when a worker gets hurt on site and needs sanitation for their wound.

Outdoor events are also common places where portable self-contained sinks can be found, creating convenient handwashing stations for event goers and guests as well as for food preparers and servers handling edibles. At campsites, portable sinks also prove to be invaluable tools, as they provide easy access to clean, running water, where a permanent reservoir isn’t available, save for walking up to a spring or perhaps a nearby river. Portable sinks are useful not only for personal washing, but also for cooking and washing dishes in camp.

Self-contained portable sinks find themselves useful in many other settings, such as in schools and medical facilities where additional handwashing stations are required. The great thing about self-contained handwashing units is that they don’t require costly plumbing installations in order to provide clean, running water for hygienic purposes.