A toddler classroom won’t be complete without a day care portable sink. Preschool is a crucial development stage where children learn the basics of hygiene, so toddler sinks are very useful in teaching the little ones how to wash their hands. There are many advantages to having a toddler sink in the room.

A toddler sink is designed specifically for preschools and childcare centers. The cabinet typically has a height of 27.5 inches—perfect for toddlers to reach the basin. The measurements of the sink itself should be around 11 inches in width, 13 inches in length, and 6 inches in depth for easy access. The weight of this portable sink should be at least 95 lbs., making it stable for a toddler but easy to move for an adult.

If toddlers can reach the sink, it will be easier for them to go to it every time they need to wash their hands and their tools. This ultimately helps them develop healthy washing habits that they can take with them for life. Show children the right way to wash hands and let them do it consistently until it becomes second-nature to them.

If you want to provide an accessible sink for children with disabilities, get a day care portable sink that meets the American Disability Act (ADA) standards. This is especially important if your school or day care center caters to children that are differently-abled. This toddler sink should accommodate children in wheelchairs. The faucet of this sink should also be specially designed to be easy to turn.

Children are attracted by vibrant colors. The good news is that day care portable sinks are offered in various hues that will adapt perfectly to your room. Suggested colors for a preschool are red, white, black red, blue and maple, which kids love.