Portable science lab stations are a cost-effective solution for providing a safe and efficient laboratory setup without complicated plumbing and installation. Are you interested in purchasing a workstation? As science lab stations have particular requirements, it is wise to note certain features that your lab workstation should include.

For laboratory applications, a suitable work surface is necessary for experimenting, handling materials and housing lab equipment. Portable science lab workstations come with countertops made from a variety of materials, including high-pressure laminates or HPL tops for general use, more specialized Chemguard-coated surfaces for chemical resistance, phenolic resin for heat proofing, or even epoxy resin tops which can stand up to heat, chemical, as well as mechanical abuse.

Science lab workstations can come in a selection of stainless steel frames for extra durability or wood casings for lightweight applications. Science lab workstations can be designed as individual modules or grouped countertops which can accommodate a number of people. They also come in a variety of shapes and configurations to match your specific laboratory or room layout.

Mobile science workstations are great for class demonstrations and experiments and can easily be moved between multiple settings. Science lab workstations can also be configured to accommodate a variety of lab equipment. Each laboratory workstation is equipped with its own clean water reservoir and waste water tanks, making them self-contained and eliminating the need for fixed plumbing. They can be equipped with power extension outlets for extra equipment use, hot and cold water taps, large capacity waste tanks for safe disposal of waste water and other fittings needed for laboratory equipment. You can even customize each workstation based on your needs and budget.