A portable eyewash station is a crucial part of any hazardous work environment. When you work around dangerous materials such as a chemical treatment facility, construction site, or any other work environment that deals in waste/spill cleanup and similar types of materials that can injure, infect, or irritate the eye, an eyewash station is a must, along with a portable sink station for good hygiene. While a temporary sink may be good enough to provide access to clean running water for general washing off, eye wash stations facilitate emergency eye washing functionality. These devices enable pressure so as to increase the cleaning power of the water jetting through the portable eyewash station.

Like a portable sink station, an eyewash station does not require additional plumbing. Most portable eyewash units are gravity-fed, although there are also pressurized eyewash tanks that don’t rely on gravity for pressure. to prevent contamination of the water supply inside a portable eyewash station, eyewash preservatives are usually added so that impurities cannot form inside the eyewash units. Impurities such as bacteria and algae can cause further irritation and can make your eye situation worse, which is why these additives are recommended to ensure water safety.

Another benefit of portable eye wash sinks is that they are quick and easy to activate at a moment’s notice. Most eyewash stations feature pull-down activation levers or arms, delivering an instant pressurized flush.  The portable nature of these eyewash units makes them ideal for remote locations where permanent eyewash fixtures aren’t available. They help keep work sites compliant with safety standards and regulations, especially in industries and work locations where eye injuries are a constant danger.

Monsam portable face and eyewash station offer a versatile alternative for manufacturing facilities, construction sites, clinics, hospitals, health care facilities, and laboratories wishing to keep high safety standards and prevent injurious emergencies that involve the eyes and face.