Child and daycare facilities can easily benefit from using portable wash stations. Portable hand wash basins can provide the versatility and functionality that a standard fixed sink cannot deliver.

Mobile wash stations are ideal for daycare facilities because they are mounted on casters and can be easily situated wherever they are needed. Moreover, a modular unit such as a mobile hand wash station has a compact design, allowing the unit to fit into tight spaces. Most importantly, the unit is fully self-contained, coming with its own water supply and waste water tank, eliminating the need for laborious plumbing and installation.

Schools and daycare facilities for small children often have to deal with spills. Children can make a be very messy and having a portable sink close by helps teachers and care givers maintain cleanliness in these sticky situations. It also makes it easier for children to access the wash area after meals, accidents, play time, or all the above! Portable wash stations can be custom designed to match specific heights and clearances suitable for small children. This can make it easier for them to access the wash basin and allow them wash up by themselves with minimum supervision.

Healthy habits and personal hygiene is very important, and washing hands regularly can help stop the spread of disease and viruses. Providing mobile hand wash stations for young children will help instill the value of proper hand washing and sanitation, lessons kids will carry with them as they grow up.