Not all classrooms are designed to be completely teacher and student-friendly, particularly when it comes to being able to complete different types of activities. For teachers who want to actively engage their students in hands-on activities in science, having portable science lab sinks in the room can make planning and teaching these classes a lot easier.

In most cases, science experiments, particularly in the elementary school grades, are not all that complicated or complex, but water is still an essential component. In classrooms without a sink, this means hauling water in pails or containers and then having a staff member available to help children to pour the water into smaller buckets or tubs for practical use.

This also includes the always difficult issue of both cleaning up afterwards as well as controlling spills during the experiments and the activities. Also, keep in mind that portable science lab sinks aren’t just for science. They are also terrific for kids to use to wash their hands, to have water on hand for arts activities and to make the classroom a more comfortable space for the students.

By adding a water filtration system to the design of the system, it is also a great space for children to get drinking water throughout the day. With hot and cold running water, our classroom sink units really do make a very big difference for both the children and the teacher.

The Science Lab

In some schools and for the older children, it may be a good idea to develop a science classroom. By choosing the workstation models of portable science lab sinks small groups of children can use the countertop area, which can extend to the front of the sink for significant work space, as an actual science table.

With the water right at the location where the children are conducting the science lab or experiment, there is much less risk of water spillage of water, chemicals or ingredients onto classroom floors and carpets.

To create an ideal teaching environment, consider adding an instructor’s science workstation. This is a larger U-shaped desk that includes the sink and additional space on the countertop as well as shelf space within the cabinet.
Remember, all of these portable science lab sinks, including the teacher’s station, are portable. Portable classroom sink units can be moved from room to room easily by just one person, and the wheels can then be locked to provide a solid, stable and practical workstation.