Planning to go for a camping trip? couldn’t have chosen a better way to spend your vacation and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation time. With the untamed goodness of Mother Nature surrounding you on all sides, you can easily disconnect from the overcrowded, ultra-busy life of the city and reconnect with your soul.

But wait a you think that just because you are on a vacation, the disease caused by germs are on holiday too? Do you think you can get away with ignoring personal hygiene and hand washing on a camping trip and return back with no health complications?

No..germs never rest. They never give up trying to get you to fall sick, no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing! And so, for your next trip in the great outdoors, think about investing in a portable camping sink – your body will thank you for making such a wise choice. Let’s explore some of the options available out there for portable outdoor hand wash sinks:

  • The foot pump sink that comes with a built-in foot-pedal that lets you operate the sink and control the water flow by applying pressure on it with your foot.
  • The wash/drinking water sink that can give you access to purified water for all your requirements on the camping trip.
  • The hot water sink that can be plugged into any electricity supply outlet for instant hot water.
  • The no-electricity hot water sink that heats water using gas or electricity so you have access to convenient washing facilities even where there is no electricity.
  • And the portable camping sink trailer that is a must for group camping trips and offers multiple sinks, faucets, mirrors and even soap dispensers so that every adventurer in the outdoors with you has easy access to had wash and hygiene facilities without having to wait in line.

You will also appreciate the fact that ALL these portable camping sinks come equipped with an in-built water storage system with different capacities so you have access to proper washing facilities wherever you set up camp. These products are portable, strong and designed for use in rough outdoor conditions. What more can you ask for!

Buy a portable camping sink for your upcoming trip now.

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