Portable hand washing sinks are extremely beneficial in situations and environments that require instant access to a clean water source. They are great for class rooms, food service environments, catering events, medical and health facilities, commercial buildings, construction work sites, farmers markets, festivals, and many other situations where a wash station is needed. Below are even more benefits to using portable hand wash units in various work, business, and even school settings:

  • In locations where hygiene is a priority, such as food prep stations and hospitals, portable wash stations offer a convenient place to keep people’s hands clean and ensure proper hygiene. They help create “hygiene stations” where they are needed and prevent the need for expensive plumbing installation in areas where there are no clean water sources.
  • Mobile wash stations are portable, which means they can be taken anywhere and moved around a facility as conveniently as pushing a mobile cart. They are designed for easy set-up and handling, so you can have a fully equipped wash station up and ready whenever you need a place where people can wash up.
  • With portable hand washing sinks, you also help keep your business or workplace compliant with health standards. When health inspectors see well maintained hand washing stations, they know instantly that you care about the health and safety of your workers as well as your customers.
  • Portable hand washing sinks are also beneficial for teaching young children the importance of good hand washing habits in school. By stationing a portable wash sink in the classroom, students can have an instant access to clean, running water and practice good hand washing habits as you teach them proper ways to wash their hands. This can very well help stop the spread of disease, which is very common in classroom settings.