We all know how important good hand washing habits are. Keeping your hands clean helps eliminate bacteria and germs which can lead to infections and diseases. But it’s not always easy to find hand washing stations. So why not consider getting yourself a portable hand washing sink? Here are the many ways a hand cleaning station helps your hands stay clean and germ-free:

At home

Gardening addict? If you spend hours out in the garden, then you know how important hand washing is. After hours of handling soil, you could have all sorts of dirt and mud under your nails. A thorough hand washing session can easily take care of that. But if you have to keep coming in and out of the house just to wash your hands, then that’s a bit inconvenient. If you want to make sure you don’t skip hand-washing while you’re out in the garden or yard, you can use a mobile hand washing station to make clean water more accessible.


Going on a camping trip with friends? Spending a day in the mountains? Whatever adventure you have in mind, an outdoor sink makes it easy for you to have hand washing facilities at hand even when you’re miles away from one. You won’t have to worry about dirty hands spreading germs and contaminating your food. Also, portable means you can use this inside your home spa or food business stall. You can easily move it around, which is ideal for tight spaces where you need to be creative in order to make everything fit.

For events

Portable hand cleaning stations are also a staple at many events. Since a lack of access to proper hand washing facilities is often the main issue for a lot of outdoor venues, these portable sinks offer event organizers a way to provide for the hand washing needs of everyone on site— organizers and guests alike. So whether you’re organizing a music festival, a house warming party in your backyard or a wedding reception all out in the open space, getting a portable sink helps ensure you and your guests have hand washing stations they can use whenever necessary.

With a mobile sink, hand washing anywhere, anytime is possible. By improving your hand washing habits, you can look forward to better health and greater protection from diseases.
Want custom-built options? If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Portable Sink. With a range of products you can choose from, we will make sure getting the portable sink that’s just right for your needs and budget is easy.