Mobile hand washing stations are now being adopted as a highly popular option for hygiene practices outdoors. From child care institutions to medical institutions, from picnics to camping – people everywhere are adopting portable sinks as their cleanliness mate. In this blog, you will be given information about how to set up, handle and maintain portable multi-station hand wash sinks – sort of like a user’s manual.

Setting up a portable sink

Portable sinks nowadays are plug-and-play models. All you need to do is fill up the water tank, and plug in the unit for the heater to start working – and it’s done. You can start using your portable sink. You may need to screw-in the faucet if not already attached, which is pretty manageable.

Handling the heating

After you have filled up the water tank and screwed the cap tight, it is time to check whether or not the interior electrical plug is connected to the outlet inside. If it is, then take the mains cord and connect it to your standard domestic 110V outlet. Switch the heating on, and turn the hot-water knob to check if heating is working.


Other than periodic cleaning, there is really nothing you need to do to maintain a portable sink. You will need chlorine bleach to clean the system. Empty the waste water tank first. Then, fill up the fresh water tank, and add chlorine bleach to it. Stir well. Keep the faucet running until about half the fresh water tank is emptied. Take out both the tanks and empty them. Fill fresh water in the fresh water tank and run the faucet until all pipes are clean. The unit is now clean. You can wash the waste water tank with chlorine bleach too.

It is very easy to obtain, own, operate and maintain a portable sink unit. It will serve many purposes all at once and prove to be an inseparable part of all your celebrations.

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