Portable sinks are crucial hygiene-keeping tools in public events and even private gatherings. With a temporary sink, you provide guests and event-goers a ready source of clean, running water so they can keep their hands free from germs and prevent the spread of the same, especially when handling food. Portable sinks are practical investments because they make it easier to add hygiene stations where traditional hand washing facilities are not available. Some popular settings where a temporary sink can be most useful include public events, concerts, food bazaars, festivals, and even outdoor parties.

While hand sanitizers offer an easier alternative, they are no substitute for soap and clean running water when it comes to proper hand washing and preventing germs from spreading. Portable temporary hand wash stations come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including those that are designed for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor hand washing stations are great for classrooms, health facilities, food service applications, and elsewhere that a temporary sink might be required. Outdoor hand washing stations, on the other hand, are typically made out of sturdier materials and they have more compact and straightforward designs so they can easily be placed side by side or in strategic places where they can be easily accessible to users.

The health department also recommends at least one temporary sink for every five porta-potties in event settings. This way, people will have no problem keeping their hands clean and germ-free even after using the restroom. Portable sinks are actually crucial requirements for compliance to health codes especially during outdoor events and festival activities, which is why investing in temporary hand wash sinks should be a major consideration especially when your business frequents these kinds of events. Promoting good health through proper hand washing is a lot easier when you have portable sinks to support the cause.