It may seem to you that any kind of sink is pretty much the same as any other. After all, they’re all made of the same basic things: a mechanism of getting the water in, a knob to control water flow and a mechanism to drain the water out.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. At least, when it comes to science lab sinks versus ordinary household sinks. To make this case for you, we present to you our line of portable science lab sinks , which has pretty much everything a scientist would want for her laboratory.

Water Cleanliness

First of all, water cleanliness must be taken in consideration. You certainly don’t want any contaminants in the water to affect the results of your experiments. This especially applies to items that you cannot run through the sterilizer. And even so, it is still of utmost importance that you keep all your equipment as clean as possible.

Most of our portable science lab sinks have the option for water filtration, in case your existing water supply could be contaminated.

Hands-Free Operation

When it comes to performing tests and experiments, there are times in which you will want both of your hands free as you control the flow of the water. Because of this, you will require some sort of hands-free operation.

Another reason why you want to keep your hands off the sink controls is because the knob can also harbor microorganisms following continuous use. This could also be another source of contamination, and thus inaccuracy, of your results.

Our portable laboratory sinks have water adjustment controls that allow you to control flow through the use of your elbows when you want to be absolutely sure.


Finally, you want a model that is made of special durable material. This is because many of the chemicals that you use may degrade materials used in household sinks, causing damage and forcing you to spend lots of money on repairs.

Our portable science lab sinks are made with stainless steel, a material which is safe for use with most laboratory chemicals, with few exceptions such as halogen acids and sulfuric acid. In fact, they will probably serve for most laboratory purposes, including instructional demonstrations.

If you intend on using a portable science lab sink for your laboratory or classroom, it’s important to invest in one that is built for the job. Make sure to check out our website for all the laboratory sinks and portable sinks that we have to offer.