Portable handwash stations provide separate washing units that you can set up most anywhere to avoid the hassle of configuring wash areas for business settings, schools, and even outdoor events. With a portable handwashing sink, you get to take advantage of many convenience benefits like:

Extending the use of portable restrooms – Because not all porta-potties are equipped with their own hand washing stations, portable sinks provides a convenient addition to your portable toilet rentals. While it can be easy to add sanitizing gel dispensers in each portable toilet, it is much more hygienic to provide a portable sink wherever a portable restroom is set up.

  • Reducing long restroom queues – With portable handwash stations, you can provide a dedicated area for hand washing, which will give people more options to wash up than waiting for long lines in a crowded restroom. A separate handwashing station will also help reduce the time that each user spends or needs to use the facility.
  • Custom configurations – Portable sinks are compact units. This means easy placement, wherever you need wash areas to be set up. Some units can even be placed side by side, back to back, or one after another, depending on the kind of event you are catering or the type of space you have. Some units even include soap and towel dispensers and even trash receptacles for keeping your surroundings clean.
  • Ease of Use – A portable sink is delivered fully assembled and ready to use. It provides hot and cold running water anywhere any time without the need form plumbing. They come in different sizes and colors to match the requirements for a variety of customers. doesn’t require complex assembly. In fact, even an average person can figure out how to correctly set a unit up and make sure that each part is working. Maintenance is also a breeze as these units, while compact, have pretty huge capacities for storing clean water and keeping gray water safely contained so as not to contaminate your clean water source.