Kids are curious. They’re also very tactile. They like to explore and touch everything—from bugs and slimy frogs to mudpies, spiders and you. And while there’s nothing wrong with letting your kids have free rein at home, they could pick up bacteria and germs every time they go out and play in the garden!

How germs spread

There are plenty of ways germs spread. Some of the most common ways include: touching dirty hands, changing dirty diapers or taking in contaminated water or food. When somebody coughs or sneezes, that’s another way germs spread in the air. You can also get germs by touching contaminated surfaces or if you come in contact with the bodily fluids of a person with the flu, cough or many other types of illnesses. And when kids touch their eyes, nose or mouth with hands full of germs, that simple act could result in an infection, one that could affect everyone in the family.

Safety measure

Out of all the ways germs spread, one of the most common is contact through dirty hands. That’s why improving your children’s hand washing habits is a must. Keeping hands clean reduces or eliminates germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of infection. This helps protect your tiny tots from falling sick. One way to encourage better hand washing habits is to get a portable hand wash basin .

Easy access

One of the best advantages to getting your own portable outdoor sink is that you can easily put them anywhere in your home. If your kid likes to spend hours playing out in the garden, then putting a portable sink there helps remind your kids to wash their hands regularly. Our kids’ portable sinks are an easy way to foster better hand washing practices while your kids are still young. Hopefully, those habits stay with them when they grow up.

Anywhere, everywhere

And because these outdoor sinks are portable, you can take them anywhere. Want to take the kids camping or on a long cross-country drive? Or how about a night out by the beach? You could take a portable outdoor sink to ensure your kids don’t miss their daily hand washing habits.

So if you have any questions on how to buy or rent one, talk to us. At Portablesink, we offer you a range of portable sink solutions ideal for your needs. By getting a portable outdoor sink, ensuring your children’s health and well-being is now a bit easier.